GroupGSA’s “A Working Community” winner at Australian Timber Awards

发表于 20/09/2013  Group GSA

“A Working Community” was shortlisted in the Interior Commercialcategory and was the winner of the Office Fitout Featuring Veneers category in last night’s Australian Timber Awards.

“The essence of our client’s core operating values: organised, disciplined and business-like underpins the fundamentals of this workplace. Implemented over 30,000sqm, this was an opportunity to co-locate disparate sites for the first time, and develop a sense of community and team.

The aspirational brief evolved with a future-proofing approach to accommodation standards that would support future growth. Space optimisation has been proven with workplace re-engineering and intensification of 20% achieved as the project progressed without structural change.

A disciplined planning strategy creates landmarks throughout the workplace. Open work zones flank the core; community hubs are placed where amenity, outlook and aspect are best and shared. Circulation patterns are simple and easy to read. The interconnecting stair and greenwall is pivotal, linking key hubs vertically.

An evolving landscape is created through a ‘soft’ approach to built elements and subtle use of materiality, colour and furniture modulates diverse spaces. The pattern of open, well connected spaces fosters a social character.

Sustainability targets, within standard cost parameters, were established. Toxic/hazardous substances have been avoided, reuse and recyclability identified and low energy materials sourced.

The result demonstrates the importance of environment, wellbeing, sense of place and connectivity has on enhancing individual and organisational performance.”

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