CAPS Competition Shortlisted Proposal by GroupGSA Under/Graduates

发表于 03/06/2016  Group GSA

“I don’t think that architecture is only about shelter, is only about a very simple enclosure. It should be able to excite you, to calm you, to make you think” – Zaha Hadid

Experienced in Architecture and Interior Design, the GroupGSA Under/Graduate team approached the Climate Adapted People Shelter (CAPS) brief with a fresh outlook on user experience and a passion for sustainability. The competition was facilitated across a collaboration between Institute for Sustainable Futures at UTS, U.lab, Centre for Management & Organisation Studies, the NSW Climate Adaptation Research Hub and the Institute for Culture and Society at Western Sydney University.

Resilience presented a modular solution to three sites across Penrith, Ashfield and Parramatta by means of a designed series of universal forms, each facilitating specific needs and requirements across all ages.

Resilience was not just a bus stop; it’s custom design has the ability to fuel relationships as a meeting space, creativity through collaborative interventions and, ultimately, providing a clear solution to wayfinding via simple lighting and touch system technologies.

On the front of sustainability, bioclimatic ideas such as integration of solar panels, green wall integration and rainwater collection, through the central module structure, merged with the use of further materiality such as renewable timber sources. Current heat issues at existing sites were tackled via use of louvres and expanded roof conditions. Furthermore, damage to a certain module could be repaired smoothly and effectively, in isolation to the remainder of the bus shelter, providing long-term maintenance benefits.

 This is what the Resilience design encompassed – fast recovery and adaptation amidst an ever-changing city, the ability to bounce back in response to growth.

 The GroupGSA Under/Graduate team was comprised of Project Leader Charlotte Baillie (Graduate Interior Designer), Setareh Mohammadpour (Graduate Architect), Michael Searle (Architecture Student), Daniel Edwards (Architecture Student) and Natalie Murray (Architecture Student). Resilience was shortlisted to one of nine amidst the finalists.

Image Three_Westmead Site Render.jpg

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