Cai Luong Opera Museum Long An, South Vietnam

发表于 30/05/2017  Group GSA

On the afternoon of May 27, Artist Linh Huyen held a press conference to introduce the proposed Cai Luong Museum which is expected to be built on 5,000m2 of land in Tan Tru, Long An province, starting in July, 2017.

Linh Huyen (the Director of Mekong Artists) stated that “I have had a dream to build a Cai Luong – Southern Vietnamese Opera Museum for over 5 years, as I have been so lucky to receive valuable documents and artefacts relating to Cai Luong from my teachers and great performers.  I am very passionate about this subject, so I always want to read and study all things related to Cai Luong. However I am afraid that I can not personally look after and share the precious documents given to me, so I have always dreamed of a museum of Cai Luong so that people come there to study this great artform”.

In the meeting, GroupGSA Principal, Matthew Young - who designed the museum, said: "The museum will be a dragon shape rising out of the rice paddy. Its structure is a combination of traditional and modern form, surrounded by a woven façade inspired by traditional bamboo fish traps found in Southern Vietnam. Following the length of the dragon body, there will be 10 display spaces following the arc shape that show the Cai Luong through each stage of its development into the art form it is today. In the middle will be an amphitheater, designed for artists to perform without the need for amplification”. 

The organizers said this was a social project with a required investment capital of about 100 billion dong. The developer is Mrs Nguyen Thi Ngoc Huyen (Linh Huyen Artist).  

Mrs Lien Chi - Head of Culture and Art Department of Promotion and Training of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City - said: "Huyen is a dedicated Cai Luong artist, who has made many sacrifices for her passion.  But making dreams come true is not easy.  Linh Huyen shared that to date she has sourced about half of the cost to build the museum.

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