GroupGSA prepared an urban design study, in association with MG Planning, for an urban block at the edge of the Auburn Town Centre. The study examined the urban design implications of a Council proposal to re-zone the block from its current low density residential zoning to a combination of mixed use and medium density residential zoning, with attendant increases in building height and FSR.

The study area and its context consist primarily of detached dwellings and three storey residential flats, as well as community uses, medical services and local retail. A comprehensive urban design analysis was undertaken to understand the opportunities and constraints of the study area.

The building envelopes generated by the existing and proposed planning controls were modelled extensively to undertake a comparative analysis of the proposals, examining issues such as overshadowing risks. Based on this we proposed optimised planning controls that increased the allowable density on the site while being sensitive to adjoining development, streetscapes and site character. Site-specific built form controls were prepared for inclusion in the Auburn DCP to promote good quality development outcomes within the study area.