This project entailed the preparation of a Master Plan Vision for a new coastal city, proposed to be built on land formed by the reclamation of an existing scenic bay on the eastern coast of Xiangshan County, 200km south of Shanghai. 

The objective was to articulate a 21st century vision for a coastal city that is integrated with its context, reflects the local culture and is built upon sustainable principles.

The Master Plan Vision was informed by an in-depth analysis of the site, including its significance within the regional development framework, as well as case studies of precedents to identify key success factors for incorporation in the proposed plan. 

The proposed concept is defined as a “Green Archipelago” where ‘islands’ of development are defined by an extensive network of landscape corridors, gardens, wetlands and waterways. Land and water interweave to establish the spatial framework for an archipelago of culture, leisure, knowledge, ecology and production. 

“Fingers” of green space and waterways extend from the existing shoreline through the site to the sea. These extend the greenery of the existing mountains jutting out to the coastline, thereby extending the renowned “Buddha’s Fingers” of the Xiangshan landscape into the new city and linking the city to Xiangshan.