Coffs Harbour Jetty and Foreshore

Coffs Harbour

The Jetty Foreshore Precinct is a visually striking recreational area. Given the sensitivities of the foreshore location, Property NSW undertook an independent consultation process to determine community preferences for the future of the Precinct. GroupGSA was engaged to capture these in a Preliminary Concept Plan, with the aim of securing the sustainable activation of the Precinct and its ongoing relevance as a place for the community. 

The community’s vision for the Precinct is reconciled with its specific spatial, urban design and ecological challenges to:

− Sensitively locate development with a positive placemaking  impact.

− Connect and reinforce the activities within the Precinct – existing  and proposed – via a coherent and 
   legible public domain network. 

− Blur the separation caused by the railway line between the 

− Precinct and existing communities to the west.

− Protect the Precinct’s natural qualities and indigenous significance.

The proposal offers ‘something for everyone,’ resulting in a Plan that celebrates the unique character of the place. It establishes a framework for the revitalisation of the Precinct in a way that, crucially, reflects community aspirations.