YWCA Community Garden Volunteer Day

Published on 12/05/2017  Group GSA

GroupGSA was invited by Frasers Property Australia to create a community garden design for a YWCA women’s shelter in Parkdale, Victoria in celebration of International Women’s Day 2017.

The design was completed by David Dreadon with the help of Iris Chung as we got behind this great initiative.

On 4th of May, Casey Basilio and Zhi Cai attended the planting and together with the team from Frasers, renovated the existing courtyard garden to a community garden complete with:

-          Raised planters for vegetable gardens, planted with fresh herbs and vegetables;

-          Small fruit trees such as lemon;

-          An informal crazy-paved path to access previously unused space within the courtyard;

-          A new seating bench in an ideal location to take in the views of the new community garden; and

-          Screening shrub planting to give privacy to the residents.

A massive effort from everyone involved and an unbelievable result.

It was a great day and the women were extremely appreciative.

YWCA Volunteer Day Montage