What is inspiring Mark Bennett… Edina Tokodi

Published on 25/02/2013  Group GSA

What happens when you mix the artistic worlds of street artists such as Banksy and Cryptik and mix it with the green thumb of Don Burke? You get the inspiring Edina Tokodi of Mosstika.

Mosstika Urban Greenery in NYC creates havens of ‘unexpected’ greenery. The unavoidable contrast of steel and brick with grass and moss in an Urban environment.

At its best, a stencilled mural (currently plaguing our city) is inherently superficial. They usually lack life, and activism. What is inspiring about Tokodi’s works is that they invite people to reconnect with nature. Instead of painting a landscape to add nature to the city, this art actually puts nature right on the walls using moss.

If all of Sydney’s Street Artists were as eco-minded as Tokodi, the city streets would be like different pages of a child’s storybook.

Edina Tokodi01

Edina Tokodi02

Edina Tokodi03