Employer Volunteer Award DFES and Mark Zuvela

Published on 30/11/2017  Group GSA

On Monday 27 November, Mark Eatts, head of Volunteer Marine Rescue Services (WA) presented Mark Sheldon and GSA with the 2017 Department of Fire and Emergency Services Volunteer Employer Recognition Award. GSA received the highest possible ‘Gold Award’ and are the only architectural practice to ever receive this award by DFES.

Mark Zuvela nominated GroupGSA for this award because of the great support GSA offered him and the group he volunteers for: Fremantle Sea Rescue. Over the last 18 months FSR has commenced their  most ambitious project to date, making them one of the most well equipped and technologically advanced marine rescue groups in Australia. During this time vessels have been updated or replaced with new state of the art purpose built rescue vessels. They also embarked on their most ambitious project to date; acquiring and fitting out a Fremantle Landmark, the Cantonment Hill Signal Station. This building is now the operational headquarters and radio communications tower where rescues off the Perth metro coastlines are coordinated.

MZ Volunteer award

Aside from being a skipper of the boats, which means being on call in the event of an emergency, Mark was involved in the fleet upgrade and the design and fitout of the new HQ. The project was very complex and the facility is now home to almost $200,000 worth of cutting edge ROIP (radio over IP) communications equipment.

MZ Volunteer award 1