Roundtable Meeting with Minister Bob Carr in China

Published on 05/06/2012  Group GSA

Mr. Jin Xu, GroupGSA’s Manager of Northern China, was invited to attend a roundtable meeting with Mr. Bob Carr, Minister for Foreign Affairs Australia, on May 16 in Shenyang, China. Mrs. Carr, Ms. Frances Adamson – Australian Ambassador to China, Mr. David Dukes – Trade Commissioner of Austrade, government officials accompanying Mr. Carr and four other representatives of Australian enterprises in China attended the roundtable meeting.

Mr. Xu introduced GroupGSA and its achievements in China over the past 10 years. He also presented business practice issues which Australian enterprises are facing in China such as transferring of money and business tax deductions.  Mr. Xu was asked to prepare a report on these issues which will be discussed with the Chinese Government Treasury Department.

Mr. Carr was invited by Mr. Jiechi Yang, Minister of Foreign Affairs China, to visit China during the period of May 11 to May 16. He visited Shanghai, Beijing and Shenyang. The roundtable meeting was the last program of Mr. Carr’s visit. He was pleased with the results of the roundtable meeting.



Left to Right:

Mr. Gengying Chen-Assistant to CEO Astron, Mr. Andrew Zang-Auspride / Bird in Hand, Prof. Yuanyuan Xing-Principal of Asia-Australia Business College, Liaoning University, Ms. Frances Adamson-Ambassador to China, Mr. Bob Carr-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Fiona Yu-Business Development Manager, Austrade Shenyang Office, Mr. David Dukes- Austrade Trade Commissioner, Mr. Jin Xu-GroupGSA, Mr. Kevin Zhang-CEO Argyle Hotel