Promotion Presentations China and Vietnam

Published on 16/11/2017  Group GSA

Six promotion presentations were given to staff in China and Vietnam by Mark Sheldon during his recent visit to the GSA China and Vietnam Studios.  Congratulations to Jing Qu in Shanghai and Tara Deng in Beijing.  In Vietnam congratulations to Sam Kwan, Sam Tran, Ly Vinh Nhi and Hung Nguyen.


Jing Qu, Associate, GSAStudio Shanghai                                     Tara Deng (right), Associate, GSAStudio Beijing

Vietnam 1

Sam Kwan, Associate Director, GSAStudio  HCMC               Sam Tran, Associate, GSAStudio HCMC

Vietnam 2

Ly Vinh Nhi, Associate, GSAStudio HCMC                         Hung Nguyen, Associate, GSAStudio HCMC