PIF CEO Networking Event GSA Melbourne Studio

Published on 28/06/2019  Group GSA

On Wednesday evening 26th June, GSA’s Melbourne Studio hosted the Property Industry Foundation's CEO Networking event.  Sponsored by GroupGSA, 80 to 100 from the property industry attended.

The speakers were Peter Inge OAM - Zig Inge Group and PIF Vic Chairman, Mark Sheldon - Managing Director Group GSA and Kyle Vander Kuyp - Olympian and Indigenous Engagement Manager, Schiavello.    

The audience was captivated by the warmth and humility of Kyle whose achievements were inspiring.

Kyle said that part of the reason for his success is that he has “bumped into the right people on the way” who have mentored and guided him. As an Indigenous Australian, he’s been an enthusiastic mentor for young Indigenous people entering the workforce.

“It’s been 10 years since I retired from sport and I had a gut feel at the time about working with young people,” he says. “That has motivated me to jump into ambassador and mentoring roles.”

Kyle is Indigenous Engagement Manager at furniture design and manufacturer Schiavello Group. He works nationally supporting Indigenous people in employment and apprenticeship programs as well as running cultural awareness programs for all staff, presenting an introduction to Indigenous culture. In 2017, Kyle teamed up with Schiavello to establish Schiavello Ganbu, which drives the company’s employment, education, community relationships and supports its commitment to the Federal Government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy on a number of projects.

With that experience, there was no better person to speak about how companies can increase Indigenous employment in the property and construction sector.

Kyle says Indigenous people have a lot to offer in the workplace as they are hard-working, enthusiastic and have a lot of energy. “They just need the right support to help them progress.”

“Often a key issue for Indigenous young people is finding secured housing, so I’m enthusiastic about being part of a PIF event, as they continue to build homes for young people.”

Thank you to Sonja for coordinating the event and to the Melbourne Studio for hosting a successful evening of networking and inspiration.

PIF CEO Networking Event