Melbourne Studio Open House

Published on 01/08/2019  Group GSA

GSA Melbourne Studio hosted approximately 500 guests in the studio over the 'Open House Melbourne' weekend 27 and 28 July.  Here is a report by Dion Wee and Sonja Duric:

We hosted Bianca Loiacono’s art exhibition ‘Transfer’ on our stage and had a small theatre set up in our small meeting room cycling through a bunch of site progress photos of our studio while it was under renovation. We bought some wet chalk markers and invited people to write or draw “how they would like to see the future” on our meeting room walls.

"From research on our studio we found out that our building was an American Red Cross Service Club during World War II from 1942-1945 and housed allied troops on R&R from the Pacific Theatre. Our studio served as a lecture hall during the day and a dancehall during the night, with a roster of 2000 Australian and American women volunteers dancing the night away with the troops each night. Low resolution photos of our studio in use during this war period were available online, so made QR codes linking directly to the online photos with caption and placed these about the studio to encourage people to explore and lead them to some of our marketing which we pinned onto our newly installed pinboard walls. We also placed a couple of capabilities booklets around the studio so people could get a better understanding of what we did at the studio. It was a brand awareness exercise.

Dion was a super star in creating a special experience and he was incredibly creative in his approach.  These were some of the things we did (and thanks to Dion)

  • QR links
  • A collage of the building of the office
  • Our own work on the walls
  • We had kids draw on the glass – their future. Somebody wrote on the glass “Sherall danced here in 1952”
  • We had 1940s music playing"
Click here for a time-lapse video of the eveningMelbourne Open House

Photography by Terry Wedd