Hui Li Presents to Australasia Property Advisory

Published on 01/11/2018  Group GSA

On 24 October 2018 Australasia Property Advisory Association (APA) hosted its second Chinese developers focused professional workshop in Victoria.

This workshop consisted of two Powerpoint presentations delivered by Yves Liu, Architect/ Associate of Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors, and our very own Hui Li, Landscape Architect of GroupGSA Melbourne Studio and an interactive discussion session. During the presentation, Yves and Hui shared with the audiences some of the principles and insights of boutique apartment and large residential land subdivision developments from the perspectives of an architect and landscape architect. The interactive discussion session following the workshop was well delivered which had answered questions raised from the attending developers, as well as widening their horizons with the inputs from other APA panel members and audiences via sharing their professional experience and expertise around boutique apartment and large land subdivision developments.

Hui’s presentation was titled “Fundamentals of High-level Landscape works for Developers”, in which she showcased three different scaled GroupGSA landscape architectural projects: Life Point Cook (Frasers), Burwood Brickworks (Frasers) and Elara (Stocklands). The presentation was framed around how the design of the landscape actually helped the client market and sell their developments/properties.

At question time many of the attendees directed their questions to Hui as she had caught their interest and got them thinking about something which may not have been considered previously in their projects.

Well done Hui for representing GSA and providing an inspiring presentation to the guests of the APA event.

Hui Li 1

Hui Li 2

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