GSA Vietnam Charity Weekend

Published on 05/05/2021  Group GSA

On Saturday 24th April, the Vietnam Studio travelled to Vung Tau, 100km south west of HCMC, to take part in a charity activity for the local community. This included cleaning up a beach and delivering 40kg bags of gifts to those in need. Below is a recap of this memorable weekend spent together – one of camaraderie, charity, fun and friendship.

A huge thank you to Thuy Nguyen for organising this very special weekend for the HCMC Studio.

Getting there

Up early to catch the bus (with Matt and Alan cycling) - approximately 2.5 hours from HCMC to the Mira Homestay in Phuoc Hai (near Vung Tau)

Beach cleanup 1

Beach Cleanup

Cleaning up the beach - there was SO MUCH LITTER! The team collected a lot, but ran out of bags in the end

Evening meal

Preparing the food, with everyone working together. And what a feast! Traditional flavours and local seafood – all prepared and sourced by the team

Community Visits

A day of charity and giving back to the local community

Hero Vietnam Cleanup

An amazing experience for the team - one we will never forget.