Sydney Corporate Triathlon '17

Published on 03/05/2017  Group GSA

From our own 'triathlete' Tim Field.....  

"I’m no stranger to a good hit out, but a 4.30am wake-up call on a Sunday is a stretch, no matter which way you cut it.   Before the main event kicked off at 7am, David Percival gave the team an inspiring pep talk which had the tone of Winston Churchill’s “we shall fight on the beaches” and came with a pre-race pat on the back for staying off the beers on a Saturday night. The energy was electric. In hindsight, we should have saved some of that enthusiasm for the swim leg.

We all stepped up to the start line dressed in head-to-toe ill-fitting lycra with Luis and his noble recruits jumping in first followed by the team of David, Jean-Baptiste and Tim Field shooting off second, followed by the young guns, Joshua McMartin, Stefano Di Lorenzo and Keira Mendoza.

For some of us the realisation set in that the preparation involving copious amounts of pizza and squeezing in the odd F45 session probably wasn’t going to cut it.

Sure, we may not have been as graceful as the lean athlete's of the 2000 Sydney Olympics who zoomed around the track before us, but we're certainly all gold medalists in our own right.

All in all, a great day out in Penrith and a big congrats to all that competed."
Team 1: Keira Mendoza, Stefano di Lorenzo, Joshua McMartin
Team 2: Luis Santeliz, Sean Tan, Marc Orro
Team 3: David Percival, Tim Field, Jean-Baptiste Authelet

Triathlon Team photo

Sydney Corporate Triathlon 2017 - Team GSA.  Well Done!