Brisbane Tour de PIF

Published on 29/08/2018  Group GSA

by Romina Moscoso:

Team GroupGSA were very excited to compete in the 2018 Brisbane Tour de PIF (Property Industry Foundation), and glad we survived! Our team consisted of:

  • Romina Moscoso
  • Georgia Hay
  • Graeme McKinnell
  • Emma McKinnell
  • Lachlan McCallum
  • Thomas Sanderson
  • Hannah McKee

The tour was at Sirromet winery and around Mount Cotton, and we were lucky enough that the rain held off until we were all approaching the finish line.  

  • Every night across Australia over 44,000 young people are homeless
  • 43% are under 25 years
  • 17% are under 12 years

Turns out most of us did the full course which was 70km (due to lack of signage) instead of the 50km ride we had originally signed up for.  Afterwards, all participants received access to the Event Village. There was also on-course lead and sweep Mercedes vehicles, special guest riders, medical and mechanical support, on-course food station with coffee and snacks, post-ride lunch, shower facilities and networking opportunities.

We managed to raise over $3000 for PIF and had an amazing lunch organised by Sirromet afterwards.  Lachlan raised $899.51 and currently sits in tenth positions in the top Individual fundraisers of the whole event.  Group GSA is currently sitting on 5th position in team donations raising $3100 between us.

PIF are building 2 houses and 6 townhouses for youth and families with children affected by homelessness in Brisbane. 

The project is currently at DA stage and it looks like they have reached their target of $40 288 raised to date. It was a great opportunity and event to learn about the homeless situation and to be able to help in a small but meaningful way.  

Well done to the Brisbane Studio PIF team!

Brisbane Tour De PIF