Australian Super Corporate Triathlon 2015 – GroupGSA

Published on 14/04/2015  Group GSA

Report by John Kennedy…..

At 5am Sunday morning, when only the drunk or the chronologically challenged were out on the streets of Sydney, the members of Team GSA were rising to climb wearily onto their bikes and pedal to the Team HQ in William Street for a 6am meeting. Competitor kits had been laid out and team members went through the stringent prep process. Fixing of the wrist bands: check. Bike ID on stems of bikes: check. ID sticker on helmets: check. Team category, team race number and team order number written on the arms of each competitor… Forget it!

The team then proceeded to the Triathlon site near Lady Macquarie’s Chair to store the bikes in the fenced compound to wait for the race to start. Contrary to the forecast, the conditions were reasonably mild with no rain or wind. It was in fact very pleasant to be out and about in such a beautiful city watching the day begin over the harbour. The Nefertiti  head on the Aida opera stage, against a backdrop of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge made a stunning setting for the great race.

The organisers had adopted a new system for the competition this year. Competitors were grouped in teams of three and required to compete as relay teams. The first competitor had to complete the whole swim, ride and running course before handing over the timing bracelet to the team member number two. Confused? Don’t worry, so was Team GSA.

These minor complications were overcome and the starting hooter eventually sounded. Runners number one from each of Group GSA’s three teams – oh forget it – JB, Birdie and Jacqui took off like scalded cats. They returned about 45 minutes later looking like something the cat had dragged in with the Belgian Flash posting the fastest time. More hilarity followed as Ehsan, John, Chloe, Lucian, Jared and Anika overcame complicated change-over procedures to complete the race. Suffice to say Team GSA accepted the challenge and stayed the course.

It was a huge undertaking and a massive logistical exercise – and that’s just Team GSA’s part. The organisers did a pretty fair job too. A splendid time was had by all with the team sharing a great sense of achievement. Bring on next year!